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Scott System, Inc.

In 1971, Scott System pioneered integrally cast brick in concrete. Over the years we have experimented with and researched every concept imaginable to cast brick into concrete. We are pleased to offer the foundations contractor the very best system for embedding brick into poured-in-place concrete: Rim Snaps™ combine the beauty of brick and the benefits of concrete.

Scott System offers a selection of products for concrete exterior finishes including brick-inlay systems and formliners. For cast-in-place construction, Rim Snaps™ are the only way to integrally cast thin brick into concrete. This innovative method saves TIME and MONEY over conventional field-applied brick and produces a superior structure. There is no faster way to install brick on a vertical application. Rim Snaps™ provide many flexible and creative options:

  • Fast and easy placement
  • Brick arrives pre-assembled in the “Snaps”, ready to install
  • Brick is accurately sized
  • Wax coating allows for easy clean-up
  • Preferred tooled mortar joint is standard
  • Multiple brick coursing options
  • Vast assortment of brick colors, textures, and sizes
  • Arches, set-backs and other details can be accommodated with Brick Snaps®

In addition to brick-embedded concrete products (please visit www.tilt-up.org for information on Brick Snaps for tilt-up construction), Scott System manufactures Flex-Liner™ formliners for architectural concrete. Flex-Liners™ are the easy way to make a good impression. Made of elastomeric-urethane and guaranteed for 100 uses, Flex-Liners™ reproduce the same, outstanding texture in perfect detail every time. A variety of standard textures are available in hundreds of patterns as well as custom, artistic looks.

Based in Denver, CO, Scott System holds patents on various brick-inlay systems and markets their products internationally. Visit their web site or direct inquiries to Dana Scott at 303-373-2599, Email: danas@scottsystem.com.


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