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Concrete Foundations Association Announces Availability of Concrete Facts Online

Mt. Vernon, Iowa (April 28, 2008) -- The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) – a North American association dedicated to improving the quality and acceptance of cast-in-place concrete foundations – has announced the availability of Concrete Facts as an e-magazine online. As part of CFA’s green and sustainable initiatives, the online version of the magazine is free.

Covering important issues facing today’s concrete foundation contractors, Concrete Facts is distributed bi-monthly. The online version has the same editorial content as the printed version and even looks and reads just like the printed issue. The magazine can be read online or downloaded to view later. In addition, you can print either the entire issue or just a portion. The e-magazine is available at

According to Jim Baty, CFA Technical Director, the Association is dedicated to the pursuit of green and sustainable initiatives and the online version of the magazine is just another way to accomplish these goals and reduce CFA’s environmental impact. “Our members and others in the design and construction community will have the latest information about concrete foundations readily available to them at any time,” said Baty. “Not only will this effort increase our growing readership, but it will also improve our commitment to green practices.”

About the CFA

The CFA was established in 1974 for the purpose of improving the quality and acceptance of cast-in-place concrete foundations. Since that time, the CFA has transitioned to a network where foundation contractors can focus on building better businesses and improving the recognition of performance in codes and standards. 

CFA provides promotional materials, educational seminars, opportunities for networking, and technical meetings for members throughout the U.S. and Canada involved in segment of the market now identified as Removable Concrete Forms (RCFs), walls produced by forming, placing concrete and then removing the forms of wood, aluminum or steel-ply. The CFA represents the interests of its members and the industry on several code and regulatory bodies, such as ACI 332 – the American Concrete Institute’s committee responsible for the creation of the "Residential Concrete Standard" and the International Residential Code (IRC) as well as concentrated efforts with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Portland Cement Association (PCA).

The CFA produces industry shaping documents including the CFA Standard for Residential Poured Foundations and the CFA Cold Weather Research Report. For more information about CFA, please visit