Lower Level Living

Poured concrete foundations and basements create a Lower Level Living space that is both functional and livable. Unlike the typical basements we envision, Lower Level Living is an airy, light, finished space that is a joy to use every day.

Room to Grow
Lower Level Living doubles the square footage of a single-story house, or adds fifty percent to the floor space of a two-story house. Correctly built with cast-in-place concrete foundation walls, Lower Level Living can do almost everything that upstairs space does. Use the extra space for bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, game rooms, living rooms, family rooms, or even an apartment complete with kitchen and bath. Lower Level Living gives your family room to grow.

If you already plan to have a basement, a few minor design changes at the time of construction can turn it into a delightful Lower Level LIving space. Your concrete contractor is already there with forms, prepared to add the Lower Level Living space to your project.

A Safe Haven
Lower Level Living space also provides a safe haven from tornados, hurricanes and windstorms. Basements simply don't blow away; and, next to a true storm cellar, your cast-in-place concrete basement is probably the safest place in a tornado.

What's more, Lower Level Living produced with cast-in-place concrete in impenetrable by rodents and other pests; ground water doesn't permeate a properly treated wall; and concrete is environmentally friendly. Cast-in-place concrete walls won't burn or rot; and will resist cave-ins from heavy rains and flooding.

More Space for Less
Lower Level Living is a cost effective and energy efficient way to create that extra living space you can enjoy for years. It offers you all the advantages of an upstairs at a fraction of the cost.

Cast-in-place concrete foundation walls are fast to erect which saves you money. They can be formed, cast and tripped in as little as two working days. The house already needs a footing; it probably needs a crawl space for utilities; and' it only costs a little more to excavate another four or five feet and cast full-height concrete walls from the footing. Plus, you will enhance the appraisal and resale value of your home in the process.

Room for Storage & Utilities
Lower Level Living provides a warm, dry area for storage, which frees your upstairs space for other uses. With a full basement, your heating, plumbing, electrical, gas and other services are easily accessible. There is also plenty of room for your washer and dryer and the heaps of clothes that often surrounds them.

Upstairs Comfort Down Below
With today's proven waterproofing and insulation treatments, you can enjoy a Lower Level Living space that is dry and comfortable. With simple interior finishes, and floor and window treatments, your lower level is as livable as the rest of your house. You will even have the confidence to fill your lower space with elegant furnishings.

Interior Finishes
Finished the same as upstairs, insulation for lower level living space is simple to provide where needed. Cast-in-place concrete walls can be insulated during the pouring process, or furred or drywalled after the forms are removed. Installation can be cast-in-place, patterned, and left exposed. The results are attractive walls that are insulated.

Exterior Finishes
Cast-in-place concrete is easily finished so there is no reason not to do it right.

Patterned forms produce brick patterns that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, at much less cost. Form liners and accent strips are also used to produce almost any pattern imaginable. Painting is simple and effective.

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