CFA Awards

Top Safety Awards

The Board of Directors for the Concrete Foundations Association has created a Top Safety Awards program to recognize contractors in the industry committed to maintaining safe working environments on their job sites.

In 2011, OSHA rescinded the exemption from fall protection for residential construction, including that of residential foundation construction under the belief that significant safety violations and risks plagued the industry.

This program serves to establish record of the commitment to safety and the practical influence that commitment has on the workplace injury rate. The following awards are available to CFA members in each of the classifications:

Best Overall Safety Achievement Award: recognizes the firm with the lowest incident rate in 2014. Multiple companies with a zero Incident rate will result in the award given to the company with the highest number of annual work hours.

Most Improved Safety Achievement Award: recognizes the firm with the most improved incident rate in 2014 from numbers they submit for 2013.

Zero Lost time Accident Achievement Award: provided to all submitting companies who achieved an incident rate of zero for 2014.

Certificate of Recognition: awarded to all companies whose incident rate fell below the national average for residential foundation contractors, a number made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Submissions are required at CFA Headquarters by July 1, 2015. All entries must be signed by person submitting the form and the owner, president or CEO, or risk disqualification. Winners will be announced at CFA Convention 2015 in Williamsburg, VA on July 24, 2015 during the Awards Gala.

Contractors with a fatality in 2014 are ineligible for an award but may submit for purpose of record.  This is a members-only participation award.  To find out how your company can become a CFA member and what opportunities lie ahead, contact CFA Headquarters at 866-232-9255, email Jim Baty or visit the CFA membership page.