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Lytle Residence
Category: Above-Grade Concrete Home

Keeping with the significance of LEED in today’s home design and construction, this project built in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma saw considerable focus on delivering a sustainable residence.
“There were several outstanding features in this residence that bear mentioning,” states Mike Hancock of Basement Contractors.  “The whole project was built to LEEDS platinum certification so all measure of recycling and material waste was considered.”

This project was an all concrete home with a walkout basement utilizing the Thermomass Building Insulation system both in the basement walls and in the main floor walls.  A total of 4,285 square feet sits on top of a 4,115 square foot basement with an attached 1,512 square foot garage. Nearly 700 cubic feet of concrete and more than 54,000 pounds of steel were placed in walls that varied from 21 to 26 feet on the house.  Additionally, there were 8, 9 and 10-foot tall retaining walls on the site.  Wall thicknesses varied from 8 to 14 inches in thickness, continuously insulated in the center of the wall.

“To complicate matters the basement had a sunken theater area with multiple levels of seating which required the pouring of 16’ tall walls in the basement around the theater area,” states Hancock.  “The master bedroom on the main level is cantilevered out over the walkout portion of the basement and was built with a concrete rim and columns that support the exterior concrete walls of the master bedroom.  Structurally, this was quite a challenge.”

The porch area was built with a large arched block out on top of concrete columns that were poured monolithically.  The kitchen area has a half circled wall with 6 window block outs. Both the main floor and the basement included a multitude of electrical conduit and electrical boxes poured in place with the walls. The concrete garage walls were poured with 3 very large garage door block outs with the main floor.

The project also required a 20,000-gallon cistern to be built on the south end of the house to collect all rainwater from the roof and concrete areas of the house complete with concrete lid and a sediment-filtering tank. 

“Our reputation as the premier residential poured wall contractor in the state of Oklahoma, according to the owner, was the primary reason we were challenged with this project,” states Hancock.  “This is combined with the fact that we are the only certified installer of the Thermomass product in the Midwest and had worked on several jobs for the builder that the homeowners had selected.  It was a recipe for a great challenge and an even greater success.”

When asked about the significance of this project, Hancock stated: “This project is the proud centerpiece of a lifetime of building basements in and around the state of Oklahoma.  Throughout the project we utilized almost every aspect of concrete construction we have experience with including a couple we had not previously performed.  We celebrated this project as the 500th basement that we, as a company, have completed.  We realize for some companies 500 basements might be what they complete in a year but for our relatively small company this is quite a feat.  In the state of Oklahoma basements are not built as ‘the norm’ as they are in most northern states and it has been a challenge on itself to build our company into an accepted form of residential foundations amongst builders and homeowners alike.  If you ask most Oklahomans if they can build a basement in the state of Oklahoma most would tell you ‘no,’ they would say the clay soils shift too much or the water table is too high.  Well, we are here to prove them wrong and continue to do so on a daily basis.”


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Project Specs

4,285 square feet sits on top of a 4,115 square foot basement with an attached 1,512 square foot garage