CFA Awards

Category: Single Family > 5,000 sf

In this project the majority of the walls were exposed architectural walls. Every sheet break, tie hole, and pour break were specified by the architect. Some walls had special bronze bands that had to be attached to the form to create borders around steps at the fireplaces.

Every interior corner had to be miter cut to prevent plywood edges from showing. By breaking the job down to its different aspects (shoring, slab and decks, structural walls, architectural walls) we were able to simplify the project to an extent.

The use of special admixtures increased the flowability of the concrete into tight areas. ! e walls with window openings and door openings made di& cult architectural walls more di& cult. The complex shape of the artisan wall inset did not ease construction. But by drawing profiles of every wall and sections of the most difficult areas, including the rebar to check clearances, we were able to foresee problems and solve the issues with the architect or engineer prior to construction thus saving construction time and down time.

Contact Information

Ryan Ekedal
(949) 729-8078

Ekedal Concrete Inc
220 Newport Center Dr., #11-288
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Winning Contractor

Ekedal Concrete, Inc.

Project Specs

1,050 linear ft.
20,000 total sq. ft.

546 cu. yds. concrete
28 tons steel

712 cu yds. concrete
55.3 tons steel
Heights: 4’ to 30’9”
Thickness: 8” to 20”

11,000 sq.ft.
227 cu. yds. concrete
7.9 tons steel