CFA Awards

Griswold Residence
Category: Above Grade Home 2,000-5,000 sf

This is the type of project that would keep anyone on their toes. In the company’s entry form, they say “We chose this project as our “CFA project of the Year” submittal due to the intricacy of its location, our creative solutions for equipment access, material delivery, and meeting the location challenge of this jobsite.

Throughout this project, we have successfully met our challenge by providing weight-bearing access, with the temporary platform built for craning in equipment and material, and temporary stairways, built for safe foot access for jobsite personnel.

In constructing the temporary platform, hillside caissons were necessary for structural support. Our custom solution was to design the caissons to incorporate the structural integrity of the temporary platform while providing permanent integrity to the structural foundation. Due to the limited access and 2/1 slope, the caissons were hand-dug. Tying o" and using a 3/1 pulley system, OSHA approved with harnesses, 80# jackhammers were used to hand-dig 3’ x 3’ Slip-Form system caissons. A 2/1 pulley system was used to remove the dirt in buckets by hand–over-hand. This project has been unique in every aspect. We have safely lowered heavy equipment – drill rigs, excavators, and tractors from our temporary platform. We have delivered 635 yards of concrete, 81,533 lbs of rebar, forming systems, lumber, etc. We have removed 778 yards of debris and dirt spoils, and hundred of gallons of underground water.

The site had gone through hillside repairs for the past ten years and had never been built on. The owners had to overcome neighbor protests of possible view obstructions and had to obtain building approval from the Coastal Commission. Jones Custom Concrete and Masonry, Inc. has taken pride in completing this project and assisting the owners to accomplish building their home. Overall, this project has been a positive experience and has progressed very smoothly due to the professionalism and experience of the Jones Custom Concrete and Masonry, Inc Team, the Zamborelli Enterprises, Inc Team and the General Contractor, Robert Thomas Carey.”

This foundation project included a radius wall at 12’ high with a 12” to 8” transition and multiple 3’ wide walls by varying height 6’ to 13’ on a slope. As mentioned, their first step was to overcome the challenges of delivering heavy equipment and material with weight restraints of the narrow streets to the access point above the site, and then work at a jobsite 60’ below street level. A large weight-bearing temporary platform was engineered for the sole purpose to provide craned-in access to the site below. All heavy equipment, drill rigs, excavators, etc. were lowered by crane to the site.

Contact Information

Timothy Neil Jones
(949) 388-1888

Jones Custom Concrete & Masonry
33155 Camino Capistrano, Suite E
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Winning Contractor

Jones Custom Crete and Masonry, Inc.

Project Specs

310 linear ft.
5,000 total sq. ft.

375 cu. yds. concrete
14.3 tons steel

260 cu. yds. concrete
26.4 tons steel
Heights: 10’, 12’, 14’, 20’
Thickness: 8”, 12”, 3’