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Rhodes Hall Annex for Clemson University
Category: Commercial/Multi-family

The story

The complications presented by this project meant the use of our Robotic Total Station became very important. Tolerances were tight so there was little room for error. The job site had no lay-down or staging space, so a mobile tower crane was used to stage items and move them as needed in the most efficient way possible.

The structure included shear wall footings that were three feet thick with double mats of steel and inner stirrups spaced at nine inches o.c. Workers had to climb inside the mats just to tie the bars.

Two cantilevered, beveled, and tapered beams were part of a monumental stair case that required a lot of time for shoring and forming.

The rest of the story

Jason Sherman from Action Concrete says “The general contractor selected us for two reasons...a good estimate and our continued working relationship where we offer superior knowledge and workmanship.” Action Concrete had to showcase this superior knowledge at this difficult site. Sherman says “This jobsite had no laydown space. Therefore we utilized our mobile tower crane in order to stage items in the most efficient way possible.”

In addition, this was a LEED certified building, so Action Concrete worked close with their concrete supplier to ‘create’ a special mix in order to utilize 25% fly ash and still achieve strength within seven days in order to strip shoring.

About Action Concrete Contractors

Action Concrete Contractors in Greenville SC and Asheville NC is specialized in residential and commercial reinforced concrete construction including rebar placement, concrete placement through pumping or pouring, concrete footings, foundations and concrete slaps, poured walls including retaining walls and the all important waterproofing, and stamped concrete designs.

Action Concrete employs a fleet of concrete construction equipment for concrete pumping with pump boom capacities exceeding 150 feet or 50 meters of pumping distance and for gravel spreading.

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Action Concrete Contractors

Project Specs

345 linear ft
32,000 total sq ft

360 yds concrete
30 tons steel

Total concrete: 292 yds
Total steel: 47 tons
Heights: 14’ to 16’
Thickness: to 10”