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MB Visnic - Mangum Residence
Category: Above-grade Concrete Home

The story

A 24,000 sq. ft. concrete house is enough to catch anyone’s attention. Even with such a large house, Bartley was committed to quality and placed a strong emphasis on the details to achieve a beautiful structure of lasting value.

For example the half-suspended elliptical spiral staircase showcases the innovation and fine architecture emphasis placed on the construction. Craftsmanship on the arched openings in the radius walls showed ability to deal with challenges. Changing the plans from ICFs to poured-in-place concrete insulated walls demonstrated our leadership as a concrete contractor to use our CFA, trade, and supplier resources.

The elliptical staircase and radius arches were the most difficult challenges. We met the challenges by creating mock-up drawings during on-side meetings with Doka form systems and Lite-Deck. Additionally, the project included above grade formed walls and slabs on the first and second floors. Together the structural features of arched openings in radius walls, and the elliptical, spiral and partially suspended staircase at the rear elevation made this one of our most challenging projects.

The rest of the story

Jim Bartley says they were selected for this project by one of their customers, builder MB Visnic. The owner/architect designed the house for ICFs. Jim says they lobbied to change the foam block to ThermaEZE insulated walls and were successful.

Technically Bartley Corp. worked with the builder to plan the attachment of finishes to the concrete/foam walls. They placed a superintendent on site to manage ever-changing details.

To estimate this project, Bartley Corp. talked to several CFA members about their estimates and experiences with similar work. They then priced the first and second floors as if they were basements and added on the cost of scaffolding and cranes.

Jim Bartley says, "This waterfront concrete house sits on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. For years to come, boating spectators will see this work of art and the landmark will give concrete construction a strong association with beautiful architecture."

About Bartley Corporation

Founded in 1970, the Bartley Corporation pioneered residential concrete foundation construction to the Mid-Atlantic region. Today they represent the benchmark of quality. Their commitment to service and innovation has made them an industry leader. They provide both commercial and residential services.

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Bartley Corporation
16613 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20905
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Winning Contractor

Bartley Corporation

Project Specs

2,260 linear ft
24,000 total sq ft

240 yds concrete
7.75 tons steel

Total concrete: 776 yds
Total steel: 34.75 tons
Heights: 4’ to 14’
Thickness: 8” to 10”