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Assael Residence
Category: Single Family - 2,000 to 5,000 sf

The story

The project had many phases: #1 - a seawall repair consisting of two 25 inch deep, 24 inch diameter caissons; #2 - 12 caissons drilled on the bay side of the project to support the grade beams and a fi ve-inch thick slab on grade; #3 - a 24 inch mat slab, installation of wall-steel, and shotcrete walls; #4 - set-up of shoring and a structural deck above the base and rebar; #5 - a fi ve-inch thick slab on grade poured; #6 - a cantilevered slab pour which started at the front of the house and hung five inches out over the seawall directly above the bay.

Footings at the basement level consist of a 24 inch deep mat slab with #6 rebar, 12 inches o.c. top and bottom. Wall verticals are #6 and #7 at eight inches o.c. with #5 horizontal at 16 inches o.c. Footings at first floor level are 24”x24” grade beams with #6 and #4 ties 12 inches o.c. Basement walls range in height from 8’-6” to 10 feet tall and are shotcrete with a hard trowel finish.

One of the challenges of this project was layers of bedrock difficult to drill through. Also, conditions required bracing from one PL to the opposite PL which was left in place until the structural slab was poured. This project was challenging in that the footprint of the foundation covered nearly the entire square footage of the lot.

The rest of the story

Ryan Ekedal says they were selected by the homeowner becuase of their reputation for careful planning and attention to detail. They have an extensive check list of preparations overseen by Ekedal’s owner, detailer, estimator, and superintendent. They feel their work with the architect, engineer, and general contractor to generate ideas and methods will help save time and money for the project.

He says “We do a great deal of pre planning to eliminate problems and increase production. This in turn allows our projects to be finished quicker and reaffirming the clients trust in choosing the general contractor.”

“We have fewer problems with the building department because they appreciate our professionalism, reputation, and our strong relationship we have built with them.”

With the loyalty and commitment that we build with our clients, they can always count on us to help with other problems which may arise.

About Ekedal Masonry & Concrete, Inc.

Ekedal Masonry & Concrete, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in all phases of a project, from surveying to completion. Their diverse client base has provided us with them knowledge and ability to perform on a wide variety of projects, be it the simple or the most complex designs. Ekedal Masonry & Concrete, Inc. specializes in building high-end custom homes. They are an integral part of all aspects of their projects, saving money through quick and effi cient completion.

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Ekedal Masonry & Concrete, Inc.
220 Newport Center Dr., #11-288
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Winning Contractor

Ekedal Masonry & Concrete, Inc.

Project Specs

3,000 total sq ft
Total concrete: 103 yds
Total steel: 30,000 lbs
Heights: 8” to 10’
Thickness: 12”