CFA Awards

Prescott Residence
Category: Single Family over 5,000 square feet

Thisyear's third place finisher, the Prescott Residence in West Bend, Wis., was submitted by the foundation contractor Coello & Associates, Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

The foundation wall for the 16,000-square-foot home was 10 feet high and included two faces of steel rebar on the entire foundation. With more than 9,000 lineal feet of steel rebar in the wall and multiple brick ledge heights, a great amount of time and effort was required prior to pouring the wall. 

One of the greatest challenges in forming the wall was a double ellipse on the rear of the house. Squaring up this portion of the foundation was extremely complex because of its odd shape, 10-foot height, and the location of two ellipses back-to-back.

Poor soil conditions at the site made the footing design extremely complex. The footings were 18-inches thick and ranged from 20 to 42 inches wide.  The entire foundation sat on almost 700 yards of slurry mix, which required Coello & Associates to drill each pin into the ground to hold the forms correctly. The reinforcement in the footings included rebar in both directions and L-shaped steel bars. Part of the foundation was also poured on pilings.

“Extensive coordination and accurate scheduling were crucial to the success of this project,” said Nick Coello, Quality Control Manager of Coello & Associates. “Due to the large size of the home, detailed planning was required both internally and with our concrete supplier before the project began.  The concrete was specially designed to ensure it would consolidate properly with all of the rebar.”

Winning Contractor

Coello & Associates, Inc.
Waukesha, Wisconsin

2007 Basement Awards

This year’s competition is the largest in CFA history with 13 entries from across the country and marks the first year multiple categories were made available for submission. Contractors cast votes for Basement of the Year in the CFA booth at the 2007 World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, as well as online. The formal award presentation will be made at the Awards Banquet Luncheon during the CFA’s Annual Summer Convention Aug. 8-11 at the Stoweflake Resort in Stowe, Vt.

Votes were cast by fellow concrete contractors based on their rating of how difficult the projects were to estimate and construct as well as the potential to make money. Project submissions included information such as material quantities, difficult features, the technology used and the problems that were overcome.  This year contractors also displayed some of the most intriguing photography the competition has seen to date.