CFA Awards

Cahn Residence
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The Cahn Residence features 1,065 total linear feet of walls in an 8,226-square-foot plan that includes both the basement and garage floor. This project required 341 yards of concrete and 6,550 lineal feet of steel in the walls and 85 yards of concrete and 2,930 lineal feet of steel in the footings. Wall heights range from four feet, nine inches to 10 feet with wall thicknesses of eight, 12 and 16 inches.

The outstanding wall features of the Cahn Residence are the 138 feet of circular foundation that run at five different locations throughout the house, with a six-inch stone ledge. There are a total of 121 corners with many intersecting angles at circular foundations. The brick ledge was pre-built at Marone’s shop and then moved to the site.

Winning Contractor

Marone Contractors, Inc.
Thorofare, New Jersey


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