CFA Awards

Briarcliff West
Kansas City, Missouri

The Briarcliff West basement has 998 total linear feet and includes 316 total yards of cement, 118 yards of footings that contain seven tons of steel, with another 14 tons of steel in the walls. Fifteen different wall heights ranging from two to 21 feet and six different wall thicknesses ranging from eight to 18 inches thick are represented on this project.

The overall complexity of the project involved very limited access to the site, because trees are as close as three feet from walls on all sides. The end walls have No. four bars on one-foot centers each way. Additional details include 26 total footing steps, 220 feet of 5-foot-wide footings, 70 feet of nine-foot, six-inch-wide footings, and all other footings measure 20 to 30 inches wide to 10 to 16 inches deep.

Winning Contractor

Louisburg Foundation
Bucyrus, Kansas


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