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Perma-Structo, Inc.
2002 Basement of the Year

One person’s challenge is often another person’s dream. Such is the case with many entries in the Concrete Foundations Association’s 2002 Basement of the Year competition (sometimes referred to as the Basement from Hell competition). This is especially true for the 2002 winner – a 6,000-square-foot residential basement that is anything but square.

The winning structure is a 12,000-square-foot ranch home located on Oconomowoc Lake outside of Milwaukee, Wis. Boasting 22 rooms on the first floor, the 6,000-square-foot basement is equally as impressive with 18 rooms.

According to Mark Beaudin, of Perma-Structo, Inc., Sturtevant, Wis., the concrete contractor for the project, their submittal in CFA’s annual “Basement from Hell” competition was the firm’s biggest challenge to date – and he is not simply referring to the project’s size.

In the fall of 2000, Perma-Structo, Inc. began the massive project but due to the complexity and intricacies of the walls and layout, the project required three separate pours. Further, since all walls were at least 12-feet high, with 16-foot high panels for the patio foundation, Perma-Structo was challenged with some detailed formwork – specifically utilization of 4-foot forms on top of the standard 8-foot forms. Finally, due to sight constraints, a later pour was necessary for the garages (one two-car and one-three-car garage) after the house was substantially complete the following summer.

In total, the basement boasts more than 1,200 lineal feet of wall, including retaining walls, radius walls and the intricate patio foundation. Approximately 379 yards of concrete were used for the walls with more than 80 yards used for the concrete footings. “Our team really made this happen from the bid and planning stages through completion,” said Beaudin. “And, the owner benefits with double the space at a low cost.”

Perma-Structo, Inc., members of CFA since 1977, have provided concrete foundation work in Southeast Wisconsin for residential and light commercial use for almost 40 years.

The recipient of the Basement of the Year competition is selected by a vote at the World of Concrete each year.


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