CFA Awards

Lavy Concrete Construction, Inc
2000 Basement of the Year

Lavy Concrete Construction, Inc. of Piqua, Ohio was selected the winner of the 2000 Basement of the Year Award. The home was constructed for the local ready mix supplier. As you can guess – there was no skimping on concrete.

The project was build on unstable soil so several feet of soil was removed and replaced with crushed stone before any concrete was poured. Instead of traditional footers, a 12” thick structural slab with 2 mats of reinforcement formed the combined floor slab/footing system. Apparently there was concern the house might float away? A cast-in waterstop was used between the slab/footing and the massive 12” thick x 10’ high foundation walls.

The structure had over 50 corners on the foundation alone and more on the adjacent retaining walls and planting areas at each end of the home. Wall heights ranged from 32” to 13’-11”. A combination of forming systems was used due to the complexity of the structure. The project consumed over 300 cubic yards of concrete, not including the garage floor, patios and steps.

CFA congratulates Lavy Concrete Construction.


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