CFA Awards

Brad Barnes
2004 CFA MVP

Brad Barnes, PE received the first ever CFA MVP Award at ACI’s Northeast Ohio Chapter monthly meeting on Thursday, November 11, 2004. Barnes, the ACI Chapter Director, was chosen for his time and effort put into the CFA Cold Weather Research Program.

Jim Baty, CFA Technical Director, gave a brief presentation on the significance of the CFA Research Program. Following the presentation, Baty presented the award, on behalf of the CFA, to a surprised Barnes in appreciation for his tireless efforts. CFA Cold Weather Committee members in attendance included, Scott Smith of MPW Construction, Frank Ramey of Tri-County Excavating, Jim Baty and Rick Buccini of Osborn-Medina Concrete. Buccini was instrumental in scheduling the evening, unbeknownst to Barnes. Seventy-five ACI members turned out to support one of their own.

The events surrounding the award were highly educational. Baty’s presentation focused on the background and purpose for the research, and completion of the final stages of durability and freeze/thaw cycling that substantiated the performance results of the mix designs. Baty also finalized the transition to practice for those in attendance.

The evening included a panel discussion moderated by Barnes, Baty, Buccini, and several other local professionals with key experience in cold weather concrete. Attendees asked questions to further understand the research presented and the impact of cold weather in general to a variety of applications.

This research program as been a total success,” states Baty. “The efforts put forth by Barnes coincided with significant guidance by the Committee Chair, Terry Lavy, and tremendous industry and member contribution.”


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