2006 Robert D. Sawyer Award - John Skotzke

Skotzke is founder of John Skotzke Concrete Construction, Inc. in Neenah, Wis. He founded the company more than 50 years ago and has led the company to be a multi-million dollar organization. An active member and supporter of the CFA for nearly two decades, John has served on multiple committees for the organization as well as the Board of Directors.

The Robert D. Sawyer Award, named on behalf of Bob Sawyer, the first Executive Director of the CFA, is presented occasionally to a member of the concrete foundation industry whose contributions to the industry merit recognition. The award recognizes individuals who give tirelessly of their time and resources to serve the industry.

“John Skotzke has always been an avid supporter of the foundations industry,” said Ed Sauter, Executive Director of the CFA. “He is always looking to advance the industry and is typically one of the first contractors to explore new technologies that would improve his business.”

Consistently on the forefront of industry advancements, Skotzke’s firm was the first poured wall contractor in Wisconsin to use aluminum foundation forms as well as purchase a conveyor for the placement of concrete and aggregate. This commitment to technology has enabled his firm to experience continued growth. With more than 60 employees, the firm pours more than 600 foundations a year. 

Skotzke credits the CFA with aiding the success of his company. After joining the Association, he saw an increase in sales and was able to implement changes in his company based on lessons learned from other members. Further, he cites the networking opportunities provided by the Association as an excellent way to learn more about the latest offering and advancements in the industry.  Sauter credits John Skotzke Concrete Construction with the dedication to implement new technologies that increase efficiency, as well as the willingness to share these innovations with others.

“The Robert D. Sawyer Award is the highest honor given to any CFA member and John Skotzke is very deserving of this award,” said Sauter.

Benefits of Poured Concrete Walls
Lower level living is already one of the soundest investments one can make in their home. When poured concrete is selected, the owner benefits from a durable structure that offers many benefits as compared to other systems including energy performance, water tightness, durability, fire endurance, design flexibility and construction cost. For more information on the CFA including membership and product performance, visit the Association’s website at www.cfawalls.org, contact the headquarters at 319-895-6940 or send and email to info@cfawalls.org.

About the CFA
The CFA was established in 1974 for the purpose of improving the quality and acceptance of cast-in-place concrete foundations. CFA provides promotional materials, educational seminars, opportunities for networking, and technical meetings for members in 26 states and Canada.  Efforts include the creation of a self-governed CFA Standard now in its third edition and the industry-changing research for cold weather effects on poured foundations. The CFA also represents the interests of its members and the industry on several code and regulatory bodies, such as the American Concrete Institute’s committee responsible for the creation of the "Residential Concrete Standard" adopted as a major reference option for foundation walls by the 2006 IRC. The CFA has several of its members on the ACI committee responsible for this document and will endeavor to ensure that the interests of the foundation contractors are considered. For more information about CFA, please visit www.cfawalls.org.


About the Award
The Robert D. Sawyer Award is named on behalf of Bob Sawyer, the first CFA executive director, and it is presented to a contractor member whose contributions to the industry merit recognition. The award recognizes individuals who commit countless time and resources to serve the industry, as Bob Sawyer did for the CFA. Bob Sawyer passed away last year after a brief illness. His inspiration and leadership brought together a group of minds that are focused on improving the technology and practices in the poured wall industry.

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