CFA Awards

Joe Carr
1998 Contractor of the Year

Joe Carr, president of Custom Concrete, Inc. in Westfield, Indiana was named contractor of the year for 1998.

The Contractor of the Year Award is given annually “To recognize an individual or company that exemplifies the ideals, goals, and standards of the Concrete Foundations Association.

Joe is very deserving of this honor. Custom Concrete is one of the standard setters for foundation contractors and they continue to break new ground and innovate other improvements in management and construction. Many CFA members have visited Carr’s operation and have returned home with the feeling of this is how it’s done.

Joe is the Chairman of the Board for Custom Concrete Co., Inc. and a past president of CFA. He is a parent of 4 children, all of whom work within the company. Custom Concrete installs approximately 1200 foundations per year placing in excess of 80,000 cubic yards of concrete. His company provides a complete foundation service including: layout, excavation, hauling, footings, tile & gravel, waterproofing, slabs, and backfill.. Custom concrete employs approximately 150 people and uses more than 60 additional workers in the form of sub-contractors.


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