CFA Awards

Arie Van Wyk
2006 Contractor of the Year

Arie Van Wyk of Waldo, Wisconsin, was named 2006 CFA Contractor of the Year.

The Contractor of the Year Award recognizes an individual or company who exemplifies the ideals, goals, and standards of the CFA, a voluntary nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the poured wall industry.

Van Wyk, president of Van Wyks, Inc. in Waldo, Wis., is known throughout the industry as a dedicated contractor who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. A member of CFA for 27 years, Van Wyk served on the CFA Board of Directors for 14 years. He was selected for this award for his commitment to innovation and willingness to assist those getting started in the business.

According to Ed Sauter, executive director of CFA, Van Wyk’s years of service to the Association and commitment to sharing ideas made him an obvious choice for the CFA Contractor of the Year.

“Arie has an open invitation to CFA members to visit his offices in Wisconsin to see how he runs his firm,” said Sauter. “This open attitude is one of the hallmarks of CFA and members like Arie allow for the excellent networking environment that the Association offers.”

The annual award recognizes the contributions of a poured wall contractor to the industry. This year’s award was presented at the CFA Winter Meeting held on January 17, 2006, in Las Vegas in conjunction with the World of Concrete.

Founded more than 25 years ago, Van Wyks, Inc. specializes in solid poured concrete walls, but also does concrete flatwork and is a certified Tuff-n-Dry installer. Van Wyk opened the firm because he was a house mover and was having repeated problems placing homes on new foundations. He made the decision to set his own foundations and has become one of the most experienced poured wall contractors in eastern Wisconsin. Their team includes four wall crews, two footing crews, two stripping crews, three flatwork crews and one waterproofing crew.

Van Wyk has gained the respect and admiration of many of his colleagues. “Arie is certainly one of the most innovative contractors we have in our industry and has one of the fastest growing companies in the CFA organization,” said Berry Herbert, president of Herbert Construction. “He is always helping other CFA members by sharing new ideas and telling others about problems and how he solved them. Further, Arie is always looking for the latest technology.”

Van Wyk credits the CFA with helping him grow his business. “The CFA has guided the industry and I have grown along with it,” said Van Wyk. “Networking with others through CFA has provided me with a great deal of knowledge and ideas throughout the years. I looked to other members to learn both the good and bad ideas, which is how I got this far.”

Van Wyk was honored to receive this award. He thanks the CFA members and Board of Directors for selecting him for this honor. Further, he shares the distinction with his family and employees, because it would not have been possible without them.


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