CFA Awards

Randy and Deb Friemoth
2004 Contractor of the Year

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) presented the 2004 Contractor of the Year Award to Randy and Deb Friemoth of Walls Are Us, Inc.

Members of the CFA since 1996, The Friemoths’ selection recognizes their outstanding achievements and dedication to the poured wall industry. They are known throughout the industry for their hard work and their commitment to build great relationships with everyone they work with. Brian Kuhs of Kuhs Quality Homes, states, “ We don’t solicit business with any other contractors because service is important to [Walls Are Us] and [they] are so great to work with. They take care of everything.”

Established in 1993, Walls Are Us, Inc. currently has 74 years of combined employee experience. With 34 employees they are able to perform such services as excavating, foundations (currently pouring six basements a week), waterproofing, flatwork, concrete swimming pools, and above grade concrete homes in the Southeast Wisconsin area.

Over the years, Walls Are Us was able to expand from a used set of 7’-8” forms and an old grain truck to new forms, two Boom Trucks, Backhoes, and Dozers. They also incorporated a computerized estimated billing and job costing laser system for layout into their process of conducting business. This has increased the efficiency of estimating, as Randy states, “It is quicker and more accurate along with the billing. Extra charges on jobs aren’t missed.”

Through these changes Randy has stayed true to the three pieces of advice his prior employer, Buck Sweet of Perma Struct Inc., gave him. He never takes short cuts, but gives the customer a quality job. Walls Are Us, Inc. provides “a turnkey foundation, from digging the hole to having the foundation ready for carpenters.” He always charges a fair price, but never works for free. Thirdly, and “Most importantly, become a member of the CFA. It will be the best investment you can make in your company.”

With those values, it is obvious why the Association awarded the Friemoths Contractor of the Year. Future goals of Walls Are Us include increasing their market share of work in Southeast Wisconsin, as well as concrete housing.

A Note of Thanks

During our eleven years in business, I’ve come to realize that our company could not have become as successful as it is without the CFA and the people in the Association. The willingness to share information, share ideas and when you have questions or problems, the members willingness to sit down with you and try to answer your questions and give you advice on a problem.

With the ability to access all of the collective knowledge and experience of the CFA members, I truly feel that our company will continue to grow and prosper in the future.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the CFA for the honor of being voted Contractor of the Year.

Randy Friemoth
Walls Are Us, Inc.


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