CFA Awards

Robert “Buck" Bartley
2000 Contractor of the Year

Robert “Buck" Bartley was named 2000 Contractor of the Year for the Concrete Foundations Association.

Buck, his late wife Marcia, and his brother Tom formed the Bartley Corporation in 1970.A year later the company began pouring concrete walls in the Washington metropolitan area. At the time, there were only four other companies in the wall business in their area. Now there are well over 100 concrete foundation contractors in the area.

Buck is a founding member of the Poured Wall Foundation Contractors Association and is past president and board of directors member. He is also a member of the ACI Committee 332 dealing with residential concrete issues. In addition, he is active in his church having held numerous leadership positions and traveling on several volunteer mission trips.

A devoted family man, Buck has six children and seven grandchildren. He lives in Brookeville, Maryland with his wife Susan and daughters, Sarah and Rachel.

CFA congratulates Buck Bartley, the CFA Contractor of the Year.


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