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Congratulations for making the decision to arrive at this page. In so doing, you have acted on curiosity or instinct that makes you and your team decidedly different than most of the companies in today's residential concrete industry.

In coming here, your first question might be, so why should I join the CFA? The answer to that can be extensive. However, the short answer is that the CFA has an established and experienced network of professional companies that serve each other's needs and set forth development to meet and resolve the many risks and opportunities of the second largest market for Portland cement in the country.


Membership in the CFA becomes what you need it to be and at all times we offer ways of expanding your perspective and understanding of those needs through many other opportunities. While most business decisions involve some form of expense, a capitalized risk, the CFA will be an investment in your future. In fact, there are companies in membership now that find it a legacy to leave behind and a motivation for building a strong future.

The more detailed answer involves explaining the core of who we are for your company. Beginning with your decision to become a member, here are some of the primary features of CFA membership that you will begin to experience.


Connecting companies to experienced Association peers in progressive relationships that establish value, develop inspiration and produce results early on in a new member's tenure.


Among the most consistent efforts in this Association to provide benefit to the membership is education. A diverse combination of seminars, resources, webinars, self-study presentations and teleconferences deliver one of the principal benefits of this Association.


Since 2007, the CFA has offered a new element to residential concrete construction in the form of a Residential Foundation Certification Program. The program is a combination of individual certifications (Level I) demonstrating technical knowledge and command of the industry resources that shape the concrete wall industry as well as company certifications (Level II) that third-party evaluate safety and business aspects of quality companies.

Certification is one of the best ways that professionals can revolutionize the way that competition must behave and in addition greatly enhance the way the industry is viewed by builders, customers and industry influencers.

Convenient Networking

It is a fact that your business environment is dramatically different than it was before. Crew sizes and labor handcuff employers and force longer work hours to achieve the same results. Volume of work has increased steadily since the middle of 2013 and all market forecasting suggests dramatic growth in the residential sector over the next five years. Therefore, your ability to communicate ideas or needs and to gain advice from an organizational structure like the CFA is imperative to the efficiency of your time.

Insurance Captive

Among the largest risks for managing your business is insurance. The commercial insurance market is a minefield of interwoven interests and risk profiles with zero relationships. In recent years, the commercial market has begun to harden (become a sellers market) and insurance companies now have the upper hand for determining what they will insure, how they will insure and at what rate they will insure.

Beginning in 2007, the CFA has worked diligently through this hardening market to create a protected-risk, self-insurance captive for member organizations. This captive serves to insulate participating companies from the fluctuations and control of the general commercial market. It places ownership of your insurance needs in your hands, participating with a finite number of companies having like interests, profiles and risks.

Send an email to to find out more.

Industry Regulation

If the mission of the CFA is to be the voice and recognized authority…one of the ways that this is accomplished is by working diligently on industry regulations that impact your business. No more effective effort has been undertaken than the work completed on Alternate Fall Protection for OSHA Residential Construction regulations.


As technology improves and awareness increases, one aspect of the industry that is often overlooked is the capability of an organization to conduct important research for its members and the industry. The CFA has delivered instrumental and ground-breaking research for the industry over the past decade that has impacted both the business environment and the quality of the industry.

Code Influence

The landscape of performance and quality requirements for the industry served by the CFA is shaped by several key national codes. CFA maintains membership and leadership on committees affecting evolution of critical concrete codes and standards such as the International Residential Code and ACI 332 – Code Requirements for Residential Concrete.

In addition to the development of these critical documents, CFA has developed its own regulations in the CFA Standard and has published cutting edge guidelines for far less conservative design methods for concrete foundations.

Even More...

These are the ever-expanding main highlights of a CFA membership for your company.  Each CFA member identifies with a different range of needs and benefits and we look forward to assisting your company in finding traction with our programs, opportunities, networking and more to fit your specific interests.  Consider this additional listing of many more tangible benefits and opportunities enjoyed by members throughout the CFA:

Interactive Website – the representation of our voice and authority

  • Searchable Company Directories
  • Historical Media Archives
    • Concrete Facts Magazine – CFA’s product
    • National and International Media
    • Industry News and Announcements
  • Project Recognition Awards
  • Members-Only Files
    • MSDS Sheets
    • OSHA Standards
  • Events and Meetings

Concrete Homes Council – our dedicated structure to the future of resilient housing

  • Directory of Experts
  • Concrete Home Profiles
  • RCF Above Grade Homes Manual
  • Concrete Homes Promotion DVD

Public Relations – Our impact to your company’s presence

  • Industry Publication Features for Companies and Projects
  • News Releases for Certification and Awards
  • Association Awards
    • Projects of the Year
    • Contractor of the Year
    • Bob Sawyer Award
    • Lifetime Achievement
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