CFA Committees

Committees are vital to the growth and evolution of Associations. The CFA is certainly no different in this respect than any other entity. The CFA has an active committee structure that combines physical meetings, teleconference meetings and electronic communication to accomplish the many tasks that are put forth.

If you would like more information about joining a committee, please email the CFA.

Standing Committees
The following committees are designated as standing committees and shall exist until dissolved by the board.
Executive Committee
Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board on matters of extreme importance that require attention between scheduled board meetings.
Nominations Committee
Purpose: To select nominees for the Board of Directors.
Finance & Budget Committee
Purpose: Responsible for issues related to management and organization of the association including, salaries, benefits, facilities and other issues.
Technical Advisory Committee
Purpose: T o review, develop, and propose methods and guidelines for poured wall construction.
Codes & Standards Committee
  Purpose: To monitor, review, provide input, and keep membership informed of developments in National Codes and Standards.
Membership Committee
Purpose: To develop strategies for attracting and keeping members. To review member benefits.
Management Initiative Committee  
  Purpose: To create an emphasis on business improvement opportunities for member companies ranging from operations to employees and encompassing all aspects of today’s foundation contracting business behind the product.
Certification Committee
  Purpose: To create and manage a certification program for contracting companies incorporating continuing education, safety, management and many other aspects to establish a method of evaluating commitment to quality in the industry.
Meetings and Programs Committee
  Purpose: To select sites, determine programs, and other items relating to the Meetings.
Marketing/Promotion Committee
  Purpose: To handle marketing and promotional related tasks.
Associates Council
  Purpose: Act as Liaison between the Board and Associate members
Ad Hoc Committees
The board my create Ad Hoc committees at its discretion to address specific issues or topics of limited duration that do not fall within the areas of responsibilities defined within the standing committees.
Cold Weather Committee
Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board on matters of extreme importance that require attention between scheduled board meetings.
General Rules and Parameters

All committees shall have at least one meeting annually. Regular committee meetings will be held in conjunction with scheduled board meetings, occurring the morning of or day prior to the meeting. Additional meetings, conference calls, and other communications within the committee may be scheduled by the committee chair.

At least one board member shall be on each committee. The board member need not be the chair of the committee but shall be the designated liaison between the committee and the board. The chairman or the board liaison member shall be responsible for communications between the board and the committee. Committee members can be appointed at the discretion of the committee chair. All committee members shall be members in good standing of the association.

Tasks and projects undertaken by the committee may originate either in the board of directors or within the committee. Projects originating in the committee shall be presented to the board for approval prior to proceeding. Projects may also be initiated by management with the approval of the board and respective committees.

In all instances, management and staff will be available to advise, direct, research, and implement the directives and initiatives of the committees.

The chairman shall be responsible for staffing his/her respective committees. Chairmen are encouraged to seek members from the general association membership.

Several opportunities for involvement in the CFA exist for interested individuals. If you have an interest in a particular committee, please send an email to the chair of that committee or contact them via telephone. You may also contact CFA Headquarters at any time as well. If you have an interest in serving on the CFA Board of Directors, you may also contact us at CFA Headquarters. Please note that future Board Members are most often consider after serving as committee members to maintain the consistency of interaction and commitment that the CFA has been known for to date.

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