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Today, the CFA boasts a staff that includes an Executive Director and a Technical Director, administrative support, and consultants.

Serving as Executive Director of CFA since 1993, Ed Sauter brings his experience as a registered architect to the leadership of the organization. Jim Baty, Technical Director and also an architect, joined the staff in 2001 and boasts a career-long emphasis on thermal design efficiency and insulated concrete sandwich walls. Together with the acting Board of Directors, this staff carries out the multitude of educational and promotional efforts for the advancement of concrete foundation technology.

One of the essential ingredients of CFA is the forum that it provides for contractors to exchange ideas and information both through meetings and newsletter articles. With a membership in excess of 300, members throughout the United States and Canada turn to each other for advice and professional assistance. Today, CFA holds two meetings each year, typically gathering over 250 people. These meeting provide a friendly atmosphere where large and small companies can share successes and failures. The winter meeting is held in conjunction with the World of Concrete show. The summer meeting is held in a different location each year and includes a variety of activities for the whole family.

Mechanization and technology have improved the industry from the inception of the CFA. Boom trucks, concrete pumps, and conveyors have reduced much of the back-breaking work accompanied with the construction of concrete foundations. Technology in the form of CAD and robotic layout instruments have greatly improved productivity and accuracy in the layout and construction of basements. The association members are often the "early innovators" in the adoption of new ideas, equipment, and technology.

Beyond serving as an informational and networking tool for members, CFA is an influential organization within the construction industry. Representing the interests of its members and the industry on several code and regulatory bodies, several CFA members have been active participants in writing codes and standards in the industry, including ACI's code for residential concrete. CFA also has worked in conjunction with ACI on the revision of the cold weather concreting standard.

The CFA has ambitious goals for the near future including cold weather and structural testing, new computer based educational programs, and continued expansion and added functionality to its web site. The CFA plans to position itself as the representative of the residential foundation industry.

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